Friday, December 6, 2013

Understanding Bhuj - Day One

One of the questions a traveler is faced with when arrive in the new city is to how to understand it. One of the easiest question but difficult to answer in entirety. The group of 19 students were tasked to understand the city in 2 hours which comes out to be around 40 man hours.

From the historical remains to the evolution of human settlements to the food culture in the city. These are few indicators of the nature of the city which readily comes to the mind. But we went a way further in exploring the city, we analysed the incoming and outgoing of the goods and services to the administrative structure and decision making process in the city. Apart from these insights the perspectives of people involved in the constant movement inside the city such as autowallahs, chaiwallahs, restaurant wallahs and others.

So what is Bhuj ?

Administratively, bhuj lies in the district of Kutch(Gujarat) and is the district headquarter of Kutch. It is a municipal council and has district population of around 150,000 as per 2011 census. The municipal council has a jurisdiction over 36 sq km and runs under staffed by 100 employees.

Historically, Bhuj has a rich culture and history, strongly associated with the Kutch identity. Remains of the Indus valley civilization has been found at Dholavira-Kutch.

Interestingly, one can also find buses going to Gujarat here . Sweetness in almost every man made food from dal to sabzis to namkeens'. Infact, Gujarat consumes 7 times per capita consumption than the national average.
The autos and chakras (large passenger autos) are in plenty here. Unverified information reveals that there are around 500 chakras and 3000 autos in the city which comes out to be 50 persons per autos. The city buses are in small numbers here.

Even during Godhra riots, the region was relatively peaceful and curfew was accidentally imposed here.

In short, what we learnt was that knowing any city is by converging different aspects which defines it.

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